How to Consign

Consignment Process:

Our consignment process is simple, just drop your things off and let us do the rest! 

  • We accept designer shoes, dresses, tops, jackets, pants, suits, hand bags, accessories, and more.
  • All clothing brought in for consignment must be dry cleaned or laundered, on hangers and no more than 1 year used.

Clothes is accepted during business hours no appointment required! 

We pay 50% of the selling price that is determined by the owner. There is a onetime fee of $10 that is deducted from your first item sold.

We have the choice of having your clothes donated or returned. If you choose to have clothes returned back to you, you will have only 3 days to pick up your things after you are called or they become property of Classy Closet.

Classy Closet partners with non-profit organizations that help women, teenagers, homeless, senior citizens, etc. who are dealing with addictions, unexpected pregnancies. or loss of a home or family. Classy Closet also accepts all kinds of donations during business hours. 


All clothing and other items must be in new or like new condition. 

Clothing in the following conditions will not be accepted:

  • Deodorant stains
  •  Make up stains
  • Blood inside or outside of clothing
  • Odors
  • Spots
  • Fakes
  • Holes
  • Signs of wear, etc

If Classy Closet has to check the authenticity of any items we offer a non-refundable authentication service fee of $25.

All clothing and other items must still have the designer's label still sewn in the clothing.

All clothing and other items must be higher end designer labels of clothing from stores such as: Dillard's, Nordstroms, Neimen Marcus, Talbot's, Cache, Ann Taylor, Buckle, J Crew, Off 5th and many more. 

  • We do not accept clothing or items from, Walmart, Target, Cato, Aeropostale, Rue 21, or Old Navy and others of similar class.

We give preference to the top season's labels and designers

Clothing Seasons:

Winter: Nov 1st - Feb 1st

Spring: Feb 1st - May 1st

Summer: May 1st - Sept 1st

Fall: Sept 1st - Nov 1st